Reliability and Performance Information
Database for the Well Control Equipment (WCE)
covered under API S53.

What is RAPID-S53?

Reliability and Performance Information
Database for the Well Control Equipment (WCE)
covered under API S53.

The database is currently used by the JIP participants to collect data on all events where WCE components fail to perform as designed and to provide WCE System Integrators and component Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with details of such events, in compliance with API S53. The database is also being used to assist Operators working in the USA to comply with the Equipment Failure Notification requirements of the Well Control Rule governing operations on federally-controlled oil and gas leases.

The collection of component event data, together with the details of the numbers of components in operation at any point in time, will be utilized to evaluate component performance and enable the industry to improve the overall reliability of such components and, ultimately, WCE systems.

JIP Mission Statement

The mission of the JIP is to advance the safety and efficiency of global drilling operations by promoting improvements in the reliability and performance of Well Control Equipment and related products and services.

Overall Aims of the JIP

The need for a database of this type was recognized by Operators and Drilling Contractors in 2012 and 2013, respectively, and IOGP and IADC, together with a group of seven prominent Drilling Contractors, agreed to merge their efforts in 2014.

During the process associated with merging the efforts of the two industry groups, the group of seven Drilling Contractors (Go7) commenced collecting component failure data utilizing the database they had developed and rolled out at the beginning of 2015. Phase I of the IOGP/IADC BOP Reliability JIP was launched at the beginning of 2016 based on building on the Go7 database. The objective of the JIP is to gather high-quality, industry-wide, statistically significant event data with the aim of utilizing the data to improve the industry’s approach to WCE maintenance and integrity management through the provision of systematic feedback of credible field experience to WCE designers.

JIP Guiding Principles – Fair Use Doctrine

The initial intent of the IOGP/IADC BOP Reliability JIP is to collect a comprehensive body of data that can be used by the individual participating companies to improve the reliability and efficient operation of Well Control Equipment (WCE). Despite the numerous benefits of this effort, it must be recognized that similar projects have been unsuccessful in the past, often due to inattention to the technical and commercial risks of certain project participants and concerns over improper use of data. To avoid these risks, the governing structure, principles and operations of the JIP is designed to further the JIP Mission Statement and for no other purpose. In addition to observing the foregoing, meaningful collaboration and support from each JIP participant is essential to enhance industry knowledge and drive innovation efforts in the area of WCE performance and reliability

It is also recognized that the JIP participants must adhere to certain confidential concerns as well as conduct all project activities in compliance with the letter and spirit of all applicable anti-trust and anti-competitiveness laws. The JIP participants have agreed to not use this database, its output or associated meetings to draw joint technical or commercial conclusions from the data in violation of such applicable anti-trust and anti-competitiveness laws. In this context, “joint” means more than one Operator, Drilling Contractor, System Integrator or OEM.

To this end, certain data fields will be kept confidential from JIP participants, other than the event-specific contributors, to help further mitigate against these risks.


List of JIP Member Companies



Original Equipment Manufacturers


Offline Input Form

The downloadable input form should be used by JIP participants to collect event data offline in situations where the offline input and online upload functionalities are deemed to be the most efficient use of the event reporter’s time.

In an effort to ensure that the industry as a whole collects quality event data, the downloadable input form will provide non-JIP participants with a consistent format for the collection of event data that is recognized by the industry and that assure compliance with the reporting requirements of API S53 and the Equipment Failure Notification requirements of the Well Control Rule governing operations on federally-controlled oil and gas leases.

Offline Input Form

Annual Reports

The JIP is committed to the industry-wide dissemination of information on the performance and reliability of WCE and, as part of that commitment, the JIP has elected to use the website to publish downloadable versions of the RAPID-S53 annual reports.

Guidance Document

The downloadable version of the “Well Control Equipment Component Failure Reporting and Analysis Guidance Document” is recognized as providing an industry standard in terms of guidance for event data collection, reporting and failure analysis and is essential part of the industry’s drive to improve the performance and reliability of WCE.

Guidance Document

Information Bulletins

If you are interested in receiving a copy of any of the Information Bulletins listed below please click on the bulletin of interest and complete the resulting request form.



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